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The Woodlands--Drawings


Click on a thumbnail below for a large version of each drawing, or view them all in a Slideshow.

The Woodlands Cellar Floor Plan First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan
Attic Floor Plan North Elevation West Elevation Longitudinal Section
Transverse Section Section Through Servant's Quarters Stairway North Elevation Order Detail South Elevation Order Detail
Terrace Detail Vestible Door Detail Vestible Door Detail Vestibule Details
Dining Room Door Detail Dinning Room Door Detail Southwest Cabinet Window Detail Drawing Room Window Details
Drawing Room Fireplace Details Second Floor Door Details Northwest Chamber Details Closet Window Detail and Northeast Chamber Door
Northeast Chamber Fireplace Detail and Column Detail South Garrett Window Details Kitchen Sink Details Kitchen Stove Details
Office Window Details Stable Carriage House Floor Plan Stable Carriage House Elevations and Section