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American Latino Heritage Projects Theme Study

The National Park Service American Latino Heritage projects explore how the legacy of American Latinos can be recognized, preserved, and interpreted for future generations. The National Park Service, as a storyteller of our Nation’s past, is committed to connecting and amplifying American Latino stories throughout national parks and communities across the United States.

This website highlights projects undertaken by National Park Service parks and programs as part of the Service’s commitment to telling the American Latino story. Projects vary from increased interpretation, collaboration with community organizations, and the production of scholarly documentation.


The Making of the United States: American Latino Theme Study

Image of a historic latino architecture

This theme study will assist government agencies and the private sector with identifying and evaluating Latino-related places for their historical significance in communities nationwide and the potential nomination of these places to the National Register of Historic Places and for National Historic Landmark designation. 

What is a Theme Study

Theme studies are researched documents that help identify potential new National Historic Landmarks and potential new units of the National Park System, all of which must be evaluated to be of national significance.  more