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Hispanic Heritage Teacher Resources

The National Register's Teaching With Historic Places Lesson Plans along with resources offered by parks for teachers offer a wide array of resources of teachers and educators to learn more about Hispanic heritage in the United States.

Lesson Plans

Image of Rancho Los Allim

Californio to American: A Study in Cultural Change

Image of Rancho Los Allim

Castolon: A Meeting Place of Two Cultures

Image of San Juan Forts

Forts of Old San Juan: Guardians of the Caribbean

Image of Gran Quivira

Gran Quivira: A Blending of Cultures in a Pueblo Indian Village

Image of Hispano Ranchos

The Hispano Ranchos of Northern New Mexico: Continuity and Change




Image of San Antonio Missions

San Antonio Missions: Spanish Influence in Texas

Image of divers

The Spanish Treasure Fleets of 1715 and 1733: Disasters Strike

Image of Vieux Carre

Vieux Carré: A Creole Neighborhood in New Orleans

Image of Ybor City

Ybor City: Cigar Capital of the World


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