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Submit a Draft National Historic Landmark Nomination


Once you have written a draft nomination and assembled all of the necessary documentation about your property, please follow these guidelines for submitting the draft nomination to your NHL reviewer.

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How do I submit a draft nomination electronically?

Submit your nomination to your NHL contact via email or on a USB drive. If you mail a USB with your nomination, please use an express mail carrier. Because our postal mail is irradiated, your materials will be damaged if they are sent through the U.S. Postal Service.

You do not need to submit a cover letter with the nomination.

A complete nomination package includes the following items:

  • A completed draft nomination form with correctly formatted footnotes and bibliography.
  • A labeled USGS map with clearly defined boundaries, or an electronic map.
  • Labeled black and white photographs and/or digital color images.
  • Accompanying floor plans, site plans, and other figures, and archeological figures if appropriate.

If you are in doubt about any of these materials, ask your NHL contact for clarification.

Remember: Your submission is not a final draft since it will be further reviewed by staff and peer-reviewers. Therefore, the nomination must be in an editable format.

If you have hired a consultant to work on the nomination, be aware that the nomination is not finalized at this stage. The nomination may require substantial edits after your submission and you should retain your consultant for this editing.

Checklist: Before you go any further

1. Have I completed the draft nomination? Did I use a current version of Microsoft Word?

2. Are my photos, maps, and site plans all separate files on an USB drive or sendable via email?

Remember: Please do not submit a pdf of the nomination; we will need to edit it.

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