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Resource Brief – Cheatham Hill/ Dead Angle/ Illinois Monument

The Illinois Monument
The Illinois Monument

The site of probably the most intense fighting on the Kennesaw line in June, 1864 and the first area of what became Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park to be preserved is now known as Cheatham Hill. Known in June, 1864, as the Dead Angle, it is the point chosen by Major General George Thomas to have forces under his command make a frontal assault. The purpose of the assault was to break through and roll up the Confederate defensive line.

In 1898 veterans who were members of the Colonel Dan McCook Brigade led in the purchase of sixty acres of land where they had participated in the assault on the morning of June 27, 1864. Following acquisition of the land money was raised to fund the construction of a monument to those who had participated in the assault. A major contributor to the funds necessary for the construction of the monument was the state of Illinois. On June 27, 1914 the Illinois Monument was dedicated just in advance of the remaining earthworks of the Dead Angle.

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